hosts a variety of non-profit services that are supported by the members and visitors of Temple Missionary Baptist Church; and through tax-deductible donations & contributions from local businesses, corporations and community organizations.

The programs are divided into the following categories:

Research Center, Literacy Center, Women’s Center, Youth Center,
Men’s Programs, Media Center

808 Ramona St  *  San Bernardino, CA 92411  *  (909) 383-9588

Our mission is to provide for the physical, social and spiritual needs through counseling, training, social services, education, information and referral.
In addition to giving moral and emotional support to those residing in the community.

Sharing resources within the same building are our Partners:

California Project Lean  •  Stroke Survivor Support Ministry  • 
Woodward Academy (Accredited K-12 Christian School)  •  Boys Scouts of America (Local Troop)

Family Support Services



Social Skills

Computer Lab

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